Teaching excellence is driven by an instructor’s passion for the education of their students. I have a simple teaching philosophy that I believe applies during a pandemic or not, in-person or online - put the student’s education above all else and learn as much about the course content as possible. I came to Cal Poly to contribute to an institution that is genuinely invested in the teacher-scholar model and in the education of its students. I have found two essential ingredients for student success (1) a passionate invested teacher and (2) timely, constructive feedback.  

During my time at Cal Poly, I have taught a mix of courses in face-to-face and synchronous online delivery modalities: DATA 301: Introduction to Data Science, CSC 466: Knowledge Discovery in Data, CSC 448: Bioinformatics Algorithms, CSC 369: Distributed Computing, DATA 441: Bioinformatics Capstone I, DATA 442: Bioinformatics Capstone II, and CSC 487: Deep Learning. Prior to Cal Poly, I was a professor at the College of Charleston where I served as the director of the first B.S. in Data Science in the country and developed the first M.S. in Data Science and Analytics in South Carolina.

From an archive standpoint, I have gone through many course management systems over the years meaning that my prior course materials are scattered. Below is a list of the courses and content that I have tracked down for this list.

Spring 2023

Sample Course Schedules

For those interested in my classes, I think it is useful to see example schedules. I try to keep them up to date, but they are only examples, and your class (if you take my class) may differ.

DATA 301 Example Schedule